Warning: If you or someone you know is affected by HIV or AIDS, then this is the most important report you will ever read

"AIDS Researcher Reveals Shocking Results Of a 2 Year Long Study Into Alternative AIDS Therapies, Makes Startling Discoveries About Highly Effective Herbal Supplements and Exposes Fake Cures!"

You are about to find out the truth behind the "treatment" of HIV and AIDS with complementary medicines, is it possible?, does it work?, is there a cure that is being suppressed by the pharmaceutical companies or are all these supposed treatments merely scams?

Dear Friend,

My name is Shirley Wyand, I am an AIDS Researcher specifically focusing on finding possible complementary treatments for HIV. I am the author of the HIV Report as well as another book called HIV Secrets and in it I have revealed the results of my research.

There are numerous treatments, protocols, supplements and supposed AIDS cures out there and just as the HIV epidemic has spiralled so has the number of these products increased.

Differentiating between which are genuine and which are elaborate scams is difficult and often too expensive for the person living with HIV for whom one wrong supplement may be too late. It is my intention with this report to make all those affected by HIV aware of the realities of these treatments.

I meant to publish this report a while ago but I could not find a way to do so effectively and without cost until a friend suggested I turn it into an ebook and put it online. With their help I have finally done so and instead of charging for this report I have decided to make it freely available.

In preparing this HIV Alternative Therapies report I have fully investigated the following therapies, I will tell you which are scams, which are effective and which are the best to use based on scientific and empirical evidence, cost and other important factors:

  • Natures Support Immune Plus
  • Silver Therapy
  • ImmunElixir Plus
  • I-Drops
  • Revivo Tea
  • Vairolinn
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Aerobic 07
  • Mariandina A & J
  • LiquidMD
  • Rejuvin
  • Biovibe
  • Zeo3
  • Liver Balance Plus
  • Zeolite Enhanced
  • Get Healthy Aloe MPS
  • Ultra Liver 8
  • President Jammeh's AIDS Cure
  • Comforter's Healing Gift
  • MAB Formula One and Two
  • IMOD
  • Dr. Sebi and Electric Foods
  • Ubhejane
  • Armenicum
  • Tetrasil (Imusil)
  • Imunoxx
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Virodene
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy
  • BB7075
  • V-1 Immunitor
  • The Antidote
  • HIV/AIDS Zapper
  • The Bob Beck Protocol
  • Oleander Protocol
  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • The Rife Machine or GB-4000 frequency
  • Cesium Chloride Protocol
  • Aloe Immune
  • Spectrazyme
  • Protocel
  • Vitalzym
  • Geranium 132
  • ModuCare
  • Samento Plus Noni Concentrate
  • Essence Health Blend
  • & more!

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